Witness the Breakdown of Science

Homosexuals out ran evolution. We became the miracle workers in a world were past lives are not struggling to be remembered, but to be forgotten. A whole paper trail is remembered; social security numbers; hometowns; streets that you grew up on are all confused so that every avenue seems smaller than it should. I open my belly for the fire. Homosexuals are born knowing exactly what they have always been and it scares some people when the remember themselves.

Women are only figurative. They use us because we are young and we can handle it or at least we can get it done. Science where everything is said without the stigma of word and from science comes noise.


Richmond Riots

The rich were poor; their houses burned. The only safe havens were islands of concrete. All of the old neighborhoods were covered in trash, which at times was on fire.

A Nation of Priests

Blood is a polymer and can be used as a paint and a plastic. The blood artist paints until he dies.

Apollo was Orpheus

All private property ceased to exist:

Women didn’t exist; we reproduced via the spirit. Trying to find a woman; trying to become one.

Miracles are born.

Investigate; discover

A pilgrimage, a movement home,

My journey into Hell and out of it; to be torn apart by women.

The Path of Flowers

Which has led to my soul to the prison of my body?

This part of me is not living

When I am not being God’s spectacular creature, writing is describing what is behind the veil without ever seeing it. My mother was a crow but my father  was a spirit.

Opening Placard

Sleep attaches itself to different people differently.

For what disease shall I dream a cure?

Transcript of Psychology

This is just me

I don’t know if you like it.

You know I don’t consider myself apart of what’s going on around here. This is what they eat. This is their hunger and how they quench their thirst. My hunger is the words and the medium is just an excuse to hurt somebody.

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