For now, I’ll be sticking all of my assorted and stained notes here in no particular order. I don’t really believe in trying to put things in particular categories, but I might try to differentiate between those post tell a story and those which are merely reflection. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this.

My name is Sam and I am an undergraduate student at Virginia Commonwealth University. I am 28 years old. The humanities at VCU exists to supplement the liberal arts education of their massive Medical and Engineering programs. Out of a personal interest in Technology I have educated myself, since the 7th grade, about the Internet and it’s uses. Now that I am older and taking my education a little bit more seriously. So, this blog is my experiment in educating myself in the contemporary techniques and resources available.

Understanding what is important to modern composition and what is merely a fad of electronic communication is hard. I hope to offer help to those in similar situations, who are also trying grasp digital forms of knowledge and how they relate to practical composition. Given that much of the information is disparate and without any formal standards of practice, I will endeavor to make my findings as plain as possible. Similarly, anyone who has already embarked down this road who has anything to share feel free to contact me.


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