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Witness the Breakdown of Science

Homosexuals out ran evolution. We became the miracle workers in a world were past lives are not struggling to be remembered, but to be forgotten. A whole paper trail is remembered; social security numbers; hometowns; streets that you grew up on are all confused so that every avenue seems smaller than it should. I open my belly for the fire. Homosexuals are born knowing exactly what they have always been and it scares some people when the remember themselves.

Women are only figurative. They use us because we are young and we can handle it or at least we can get it done. Science where everything is said without the stigma of word and from science comes noise.


Richmond Riots

The rich were poor; their houses burned. The only safe havens were islands of concrete. All of the old neighborhoods were covered in trash, which at times was on fire.

Apollo was Orpheus

All private property ceased to exist:

Women didn’t exist; we reproduced via the spirit. Trying to find a woman; trying to become one.

Miracles are born.

Investigate; discover

A pilgrimage, a movement home,

My journey into Hell and out of it; to be torn apart by women.

Opening Placard

Sleep attaches itself to different people differently.

For what disease shall I dream a cure?

Excerpt from Ninety-Six Percent…

How did this house on Grace St become the temple?

Reports differ according to his birth. One says he was born in the James River; others say that he was concived by a virgin. Although his mother was not a virgin. She just didn’t have with his father. In either case until the age of thirteen his religion was a tent traveled across the dessert of the nation.

What was enshrined at the temple was his sexuality, which God gave to him in his ‘Shower of Power’!

He was most definatly muslim:
-his is the tale of two cities
-he wholly submitted himself to God
-he prayed not just five times a day, but at every instant
-he understood that everrything was to be read and was a sign of God.
-he recognized that Mohammad was his Prophet and so was everyone eles. And that Jesus only really brought a bunch of clay pidgiens, none of them could fly.
-God spoke to him personally through visions which he recived through materbating and he interprited these visions orally. He atempted to write them down, but his success was marginal.


From the seat of my Imagination,… 

He is already what I need him to be. From a glance and extrapolating gestures, I have made him my dream. 

The model-form in your eyes I can study. 

Every word has been called from my soul. 

You can fuck my mind. 

Wrote and now write. (what do you “do”) 

A simple sentence is the body.  

“your much too in love with your words” 

I need to come to a greater understanding, in the sense that all must be informative. 

I’m a liar, you don’t want to be in love with a liar. You deserve happiness, I can’t make you happy. It’s wrong to play games with peoples hearts. 


Saving the Dung Beetle and Why I Want to Be a Fireman.

A new dangered species. Habits: who; what dung beetle underfoot; where crushed during; why fire operations; how when not only put out the fire, but the lives of these poor dung beetles. Childhood memories: shiny red engines. My father was one other early “dung-conscious” firemen. He began the Fraternal Order of Dung-Saving Firemen. All this really looks nothing like what I’m trying to say. I’m altering it as I go. (just wait my mind is spinning) And being threatened on all sides by authority, meaning you. The theme of my paper revolves as follows: “Who are you to question my future?” As we speak, my content seems prophetic (because) so this, is an assault on you. “Why do you think you know my past?” Did it ever occur to you that this is exactly what I want to do? That I want to do something that nobody else does.

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