This is a summary of Narrative on the Web. Resources seem to fall into two catagories: supplimental of analog forms and posessing a new form specific to the digital medium.Tate Modern celebrates the annaversery of GRAMMATRON, the original hypertext fiction.

Interactive and Non-Linear Narrative by MIT

Analytical Writing in the Humanites by Michigan State

Questiones of authorship. Scoble is Media.

a definition and A Guide to Emergent Narratives

Everything that I learned about writing non-fiction, I learned from Wikipedia: NPOV. Sources. Weasel Words.

a survey of Wikipedian research

The 1000 Journals Project is a amazing take on an analoge form.

An aritcle about “Search Fiction“.

One Sentence is a great experiment in new writing. I can’t tell if its cousin Two Sentences is one step forward or one step back.

Flash Fiction

365 Tomorrows

Course Managment Systems (CMS) are the new form of academic knowledge. TED Talk.

The Institute for the Future seems to think that games have something to do with the future of narrative

Intelectual Property as the begining of socio-economic discrimination (see reformation and invention of printing press)

ethnography of YouTube

William Gibson discusses the future of film: Up The Line And by extention The Hours: Doghead Edition

Borges: Information Policy in the Library of Babel. Critical Encyclopedia. Biographical Video.

Creative Commons Authors

Kelly Link

Lewis Shiner and his manifesto.

Writing Wikis

Penguin Wiki

The Choose Your Own Adventure Wiki

Teaching Hacks

High School Online Collaborative Writing


A list of Academic Blogs

Some good education blogs.

Justin Morris

Dave Miller

Writing Resouces

Peer Editing Excange

Librarian Chick

Free Education

a list of digital library projects

Writing Related Videos

Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us

Hands and Writing: A Digital Sample

University Video

UC Berkley


Folk Cultures, Digital Culture


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