Cult of Youth

I am a life experience in an entirely creative world. I can feel the years melting away. I don’t know what your going to do with me because I am the only one who is going to be able to bring us to our knees.

I’m writing up in a tree; writing to the sound below me. If I write in one place I can only express one complete thought. In order to have many thoughts I must keep changing places. Don’t smile when you look at me. He searches inside tunes and melodies for me. Trying to regain one piece of his identity. Do you have anything more to say? Will you say something with me? Say something more. I am not sure I need any more sun.

A simplification of a man’s chest:

Nipples surrounded with ample skin that pulls and flexes under his hand!

From up here I can see true boys through the trees. No, I won’t go down and be deflated. No ocean or sea can grow as large as me. And I won’t go down.


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